"I let go to transformation.

I let loose, flying off into death, birth, void, full...

I am one with the beloved again.

She died laughing.

She died in ecstasy.

She died with her eyes wide open."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Have a Baby Inside Me!

I am 6 months pregnant today! (that picture was taken two weeks ago)

We can't believe it!

They say based on his age he should be just over a pound. When I went in for a prenatal check-up I was surprised that I had gained exactly one pound, until I realized that's what the baby weighs and so it makes perfect sense!

He is very alive in there, and loves to make it known! These days he is moving more than he is still, and sometimes it feels like he's trying to get out! (Not out THAT way lol thank goodness)

John was finally able to feel his kicks from the outside. He had been so jealous that I could feel him kicking and he couldn't, but now he can not only feel it, but SEE it as well.
We just bought a camcorder and have started filming my stomach as Wolfgang (baby's name) bounces around.

When John gets home from work he starts spazzing out! He must like hearing his daddy's voice :)

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