"I let go to transformation.

I let loose, flying off into death, birth, void, full...

I am one with the beloved again.

She died laughing.

She died in ecstasy.

She died with her eyes wide open."

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Goddess Coming Out In Me

While I expected my belly to grow when I discovered I was pregnant, I didn't really consider that my butt would too...

It began to GROW even before I had put on any weight. I assume the weight was shifting around???(Lovely thought, I know)

Just today I glanced at myself in a mirror, and was once again awe-struck by my caboose. What the heck happened to it?? With my huge round stomach protruding from the front, and my huge squishy butt protruding from the back, my body is, well, the word that comes to mind is...expansive!

Oh well, I thought, at least John seems happy with it!

But then, just now, I saw an image of a fertility goddess. Her bulbous thighs and exaggerated backside reminded me of ME!

How sensual and voluptuous she looked, how fertile and whole and beautiful!

It really struck me. This image of fertility reminded me of my own body right now, and I realized I should be so proud!

So now I am :)

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